Monday, January 9, 2012

Tool #1

L.Shell has a blog.

1.    Write a brief post about your experience to date.
This isn't my first time using blogspot. I used to have a blog, so it's not that hard creating and posting. I was using blogspot like 6 years ago, though. The website has certainly changed and become more advanced since I was a frequent user. 

2.    Did you find the experience fairly easy?
Blogging, yes; Voki, no. Fortunately I was working with other teachers who had already completed theirs, so I had direct instruction. It would have been much harder to figure out on my own. 

3.       Did you face any challenges?
It must be said that the biggest challenge is time management. My students aren't going to read this blog and I'm not sure how creating a Voki will ever actually benefit my teaching, so I guess the challenge I face is seeing the relevance of this activity. I've spent nearly 2 hours on this project so far and it's just Tool one. That's two hours I could have been grading. Just saying. However, I shall hold out hope that the 10 remaining tools may actually provide more direct application to my classes. 


  1. Wow! I appreciate the intimidating posturing of your avatar. What makes it perfect though is the "gentlemanly" tone he uses in his threat.