Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool #3

I visited both TeacherTube and YouTube and searched for what we're currently studying in class - Huck Finn and Devil and Tom Walker. YouTube had way more videos on both subjects. TeacherTube didn't even have anything for Devil and Tom Walker. I would be much more likely to use YouTube, as it has more information, but you definitely have to wade through some videos to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I also went to SchoolTube. It says to type in your school name, but I couldn't find our campus on the website. I do like that the SchoolTube videos are all obviously students completing projects. They, too, had nothing on Devil and Tom Walker, but they had several videos on Huck Finn. I could probably steal some project ideas from checking out more of these videos. KidsTube had no search results whatsoever for Huck Finn so I didn't spend much time on that site. As for Discovery Ed, I've actually used videos from that site before, so I didn't visit it for the sake of this assignment. I went to the Blinkx website, but was very unimpressed with their search results. The first half-dozen results for Huck Finn had nothing to do with the book - it was just some dude fishing. WTH? I did like the layout of the site though. Probably the cleanest and easiest to read of all the video sites.

Looking around these websites has made me think that having some sort of project where the students must create and post a video is not that unreasonable (esp. here). The kids might actually get a kick out of looking up videos online and trying to create something better. This is the first of the three tools that I've thought had any potential relevance to my classroom, so I appreciate that.

As for copyright and fair use, I learned that it's not a violation if you are using it for face-to-face teaching. That's good because I constantly copy material from my Princeton Review resources to use in SAT class. I suppose it's good to know this is merely an ethical violation as opposed to a legal one.

Finally, I created a Dropbox acct. for Terri's HEAT lesson, so I didn't do that again here. Picasa I couldn't figure out how to work unless I downloaded the program, which I did not. My impression of Picasa is that it's a picture sharing site. I don't really plan on taking pictures of my classes or sharing them. If anything, I would think this is something with more applications to the students. But really, if I'm having the students create and post something, I like the idea of videos much more than pictures.

Enjoy my embedded videos. One each from Huck Finn and Devil and Tom Walker - both from YouTube. (Having the instructions on the 11 Tools website as a video itself drove me nuts. I'd much rather have instructions I can read. I have no patience for watching videos. The thing that really bugged me was that I watched this entire video and it's about how to embed a Voki, not a video.)


  1. That is a GREAT idea - having the kids one-up the videos they find. They LOVE doing that. The video where they replace the n-word with robot is one of my personal favorites. Of course, it helps that it's shot in a library PLUS it's way un-PC by spoofing the PC crowd.

    That Picasa glitch hasn't been resolved yet. I just found out about it yesterday - hopefully it's been fixed today. But it sure looks like you did PLENTY to officially sail through to Tool 4, my friend.

  2. Since more and more people are using YouTube, we really do need to update the video for Tool #3. You can use the same directions, but Blogger makes YouTube embedding much easier! thanks for your comment!