Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tool #4

I've never used Google Docs before, but I just might do it again. I can see it as a way to share documents with my colleagues and have them respond and make changes. I think it's a good way to be able to have multiple people access and edit the document.

As for my classroom, I think that it would be a way for us to consolidate notes - like all students could add to a document. My only concern is what would happen if all these kids had access and some little trouble maker comes in and deletes everything? I would like to have power of veto over the kids editing capabilities.

Looking over the Google Apps, I would use Google Docs and YouTube. I might use the Calendar App if I were more of a long-range planner.

This is two of the four tools I've now thought could actually have some practical application to my classroom. Let's hope this trend continues?

I would REALLY appreciate a Google App that would grade my papers for me...

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  1. You can always access the Revision History and apply an earlier version. Teaching digital citizenship and then having consequences for little troublemakers should help as well. What about having students write papers here, they could also peer review and you could comment as well.