Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool #6

One of the tools is Blogger, which I've already got a profile on it, as you well know. I don't know that I would use Blogger in class. It seems more like an open diary than a classroom tool. No offense, Tool Creators.

I created an acct and a Poll on Poll Everywhere. I don't know that I would use this in my classroom. I'm already so against cell phones in the classroom that I don't know that I would encourage more cell phone usage. Plus, we already have the ability to poll with the Active Votes.

I also created an acct. on Twitter. You can follow me @MsLaurenShelley You may have some grammar assignments. Twitter, I'm actually interested in using because I think I could make a grammar thing out of it - like get kids to post example sentences of grammatical concepts we learn in class. I like that it's only 140 characters, so that encourages brevity. It might be a way to get the students interested.

I saw an Edmoto on Donya's tool page. I like the idea of them being able to have an in class discussion via the web. It would be a way for them to share their thoughts in a little bit safer environment. Also, it takes away the fear some kids have of not being willing to share out loud in class - everyone would have to post. I might use Edmoto before I would ever use Poll Everywhere.

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