Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool 7

I created an Edmoto acct for use in this project. I would like to be able to collaborate with other subject area teachers about ways that English overlap with other content areas.

I'm thinking about setting up a collaborative effort with Ms. Boyd who teaches history. She and I have a ton of the same students - she in history and me in English. I'm thinking we could create an Edmoto site and all comment about whatever we're learning about. My students are reading Huck Finn and her students are learning about the Civil War. Both Ms. Boyd and I can give the students prompts and students from both classes can respond. The objective would be to get the students to see that some of the themes in literature hold throughout history. We would implement this whenever her schedule allowed. I think it would be easier for me to structure my class to coincide with her history timeline so that we're studying the same material at the same time.

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