Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool #8

Netbooks - I learned that Netbooks run Windows 7. I'm not familiar with Windows 7, so that's a bit of a concern for me. They have a webcam, which I think is cool. I assigned a group video project for Huck Finn and we could use the Netbooks for that.

iPads - I learned that I need to create an acct with iTunes to be able to manage the apps with the iPads in the classroom. My own personal iTunes acct won't work; I will instead have to create one with SBISD. I also learned there is a place on the SBISD EdTech website where I can go to search for different apps based on content and grade level.

Management - My concern with the Netbooks and iPads is that there won't be enough to go around. I can see the kids fighting over who gets to use them when. I mean, even if we split into groups, if I only have 4 iPads, that's like 7 kids in a group. I think a class set might be more helpful.

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  1. Yes, I wish we had the $ to provide more for each classroom.We do want the devices to always be available which is why we bypass the cart idea. Then, ability to access information becomes an event rather then the norm. The way districts are working through the shortage is to allow students to bring their own devices. Of course, that comes with its own set of issues.

    Windows 7 isn't REAL different, but is somewhat. The biggest change for students is that they will have to logon with sbs\ before they type in their username.

    Yes, having webcams will be a plus.